HOA Updates

7/23/18 – HOA Newsletter

NeuHaven Maintenance Memo

6/22/17 – HOA Meeting

  • Please email back your proxies to Assoica so we can make quorum at the 6/22/17 HOA meeting.

Parkway Trees

  • Update – 5/23/17 (Per the Village) – The Village has asked that we not remove the tags from the new trees that were planted.  The Village will be coming out to do a final inventory and mapping in the next week or two and the tags will make this process much easier.
  • Update – 5/17/17 (Per the Village) – “There could be multiple reasons someone may only get one tree replaced such as being close to a fire hydrant, street light or being over water or sewer lines.  Also, there have been some instances where there should have been only one tree planted due to the size of the parkway.”  Also, patching of the old tree location has begun for the entire village.  It may take up to 30 days for all of the old tree beds to be cleaned up and seeded.
  • Update – 5/5/17 (Per the Village) – The planting is to begin the week of May 15th. We do not know which area will be planted first. The whole process should not take longer than a week with weather permitting.
  • Update – 4/24/17 (Per the Village) – Utility locates should begin end of week or next. Due to the wet weather we have been pushed back a week.
  • Antioch will commence  planting the new trees in the middle of May 2017
    • Over 150 trees will be coming to our neighborhood!
    • The cost of the trees was negotiated with the village of a 50/50 split to speed up the planting of replacement trees in our neighborhood
  • The trees may not be in the same location as the previous trees
  • There will be 12 different species of trees planted for sustainability
    • Tree types will be chosen at random for the houses
  • The install should take about 2 days

NeuHaven Monument Entrance

  • 4/28/17 – The board has approved to paint the lettering on the NeuHaven Monument Entrance Sign